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TECPLATA Project, Multi-Terminal for the Port

The project involves a total investment of approximately over 205 million dollars within two years for implementation of works. With a capacity of 500 thousand containers per year.

Salient features of the project Tecplata

The terminal planned for the region would occupy a total area of 412,623 m2, with a capacity of 500,000 cont. / year. At the same time, would have a quay of 827 meters, with Dockside dredging of 34 feet and elevation of +4.50 feet.

The access channel will be dredged to a width of 100 meters to 34 feet to zero level from 4 Bocas to the trunk channel of the Rio de La Plata.

The estimated labor time is 2 years. In terms of investment, would be about $ 207 million, divided roughly into 132 million investment in construction and 75 million investment in equipment.

In regard to the latter category, it was learned that once in operation would have Terminal 5 cranes Ship to Store (STS), 15 Transtainers, 3 lifts containers, 3 storage hoists and 30 Terminal Tractor Trailer.