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Our Background.

  • At the end of Year 2000 our company certified ISO 9002. 94, thereafter:
  • » 2001 - Inauguration of our new offices equipped with the latest technology.
  • » 2004 - Named as Senior Members of ITIC Club.
  • » 2008 - FONASBA QUALITY STANDARD - Certified as Brokers and Agents.
  • » 2008- Certified ISO 9001 2008.

Fifteen years have elapsed since a group of experienced traders began this project in order to adapt to the constantly changing International Maritime Trade

Over the last few years many changes have taken place within the shipping industry culminating in the present economic crisis which is heavily affecting seaborne trade.

Given this present challenge, Agencia Maritima Mareas has taken the necessary steps to ensure the maintenence of their constant quality services in the belief that this is the best way to satisfy our clients requirements.

Rubén D. Barragán